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Fields of Expertise

Preclinical Expertise

We serve to accelerate your R&D programs with quality preclinical testing of medical devices and therapeutics. We want to share our expertise with you.

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Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities

We offer a range of capabilities to help you solve complex preclinical testing problems. Work with us to deliver your products on time.

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Working with Us

Your Preclinical Partner

We understand the unique needs of industry. Your company will receive quality services at competitive terms with an easy-to-work with team.

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News and Highlights

Animal Model Choice Critical to Diet Impact on Preclinical Disease Studies

The Western diet is the primary reason that early forms of atherosclerosis are present in North American individuals by age 30. Known as the hardening of the arteries, atherosclerosis occurs when excess fat (cholesterol) and calcium attach to the artery’s inner lining and form a substance called plaque. As the individual ages, plaque buildup narrows continue reading

Study on Preclinical Study Outcomes Points to Validity Threats

Research into preclinical study outcomes published this month blames the poor success rate of medical interventions introduced into clinical development largely on flaws in preclinical research. Only 11 percent of agents that enter clinical testing are ultimately licensed, a failure rate that translates to higher drug prices and potential harm to human trial participants. The continue reading