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About Preclinical Research at Wake Forest Baptist

About Preclinical Research at Wake Forest Baptist

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is a world leader in translational research and comparative medicine. We have more than 50 years of experience in the investigation of human diseases through experimental and naturally occurring animal models.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, a world leader in research, education and clinical care

Our institutional resources and support for preclinical research include: our 200-acre Clarkson Campus for nonhuman primates and other animals; more than 1,100 scientists, veterinarians, surgeons and clinicians and our state-of-the-art imaging, core laboratory and surgical facilities.

Through the Center for Industry Research Collaboration at Wake Forest Innovations, we offer an industry-supportive approach to research collaboration.

Our Alliance Management Program liaises with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies and Wake Forest Baptist’s faculty and research programs to conduct industry-sponsored research studies.

Our Preclinical Translational Services group offers industry a scalable team of expert surgeons and highly trained technical staff to support the conduct of industry-compliant preclinical surgical protocols.

Learn more about our therapeutic areas of focus, capabilities and expert researchers, or schedule a meeting with a member of our Alliance Management Program to discuss your research problem.