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Alliance Management Program

Alliance Management Program

The Wake Forest Innovations Alliance Management Program, made up of staff recruited directly from industry, is uniquely positioned to offer you an industry-friendly model for partnerships with Wake Forest Baptist scientists and clinicians.

What We Do

We will help you complete your projects.

We develop collaborative relationships, generate project opportunities, expedite set-up and execution of research contracts and ensure that results are delivered on time and with distinction. We are committed to both our faculty researchers and our industry clients; we have a passion to coordinate successful outcomes for all collaborative research efforts.

We will help you solve your problems.

We provide objective facilitation; good communication; precision project planning, implementation and documentation; consistent processes; guidance to support industry best practices; and overall improved collaboration between Wake Forest Baptist’s research teams and our industry collaborators.

Collaborative Innovation Approach

Our collaborative innovation approach to industry-sponsored and contract preclinical research is based on these three tenets:

We establish and support relationships between you and our faculty.

Our Alliance Management team functions as your liaison to our faculty. Contact us directly, and we will work on your behalf to recruit a best fit, customized team of scientists, veterinarians, surgeons and clinicians to conduct your proposed study. We’ll make sure that you have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and imaging resources and the expert technicians to manage these cutting-edge technologies. Throughout all phases of your study – from initial design to final reporting – we’ll ensure you have direct and transparent access to your research team.

We are an industry-focused program embedded within Wake Forest Baptist.

The Wake Forest Innovations Alliance Management Program was created to support industry-sponsored endeavors at our medical center. As an embedded group we are able to discern and influence the pulse of research at Wake Forest Baptist. We build and nurture relationships with faculty and help them shape their research programs to offer value to industry. We identify and access internal facilities and imaging resources to amplify research program capabilities. We help build an industry-supportive environment by advocating internally for streamlined contracting and Institutional Review Board approvals.

We ensure studies are conducted based on industry’s model of drug and device development.

Our faculty – leading experts in their disciplines – can help you get answers to complex drug and device discovery questions. Partner with our Alliance Management Program to apply the expertise of our faculty and capabilities of our medical center to your study protocols. Our Alliance Management team Project Administrators work closely with you and our principal investigators to develop a preclinical approach to your product development question. We simplify and expedite business and bureaucratic aspects of the contract research process often exemplified by delays and lack of prioritization at other Academic Medical Research Institutions. We provide a single point of contact as an onsite industry liaison dedicated to the conduct of your study. We build the methods and means to capture the right data in each stage of your protocol. We ensure your study is conducted in compliance with all federal regulations. We deliver comprehensive reports that enable you to seamlessly advance your product to its next stage gate of development.


Schedule a meeting with our Alliance Management team to learn more about how we can collaborate with you to advance your product pipeline.