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Our Preclinical Partners

Our Preclinical Partners

Wake Forest Innovations Preclinical Translational Services develops strategic relationships with a range of preclinical partners.

Blue Atom Technologies, Inc.

Blue Atom Technologies was incorporated in 2012 to provide the biotechnology industry with innovative software tools designed to increase efficiencies and the probability of success in chemical research and development.

The Veterinary Bioscience Institute (VBI)

The Veterinary Bioscience Institute (VBI) is an innovative company that is changing the future of experimental and veterinary surgical, anesthesia and analgesia, enrichment, biomethodology, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) training. VBI provides cost-effective and highly efficient surgical and biomethodology training programs, which meet regulatory and industry regulations and also fulfill continuing education requirements. Globalization and harmonization is an important part of an effective training program in today’s economy, and VBI utilized world-renowned experts from all over the globe to provide the most advanced and up-to-date education available. VBI lectures and provides services globally, validating their international relationships and promoting best practices. VBI also hosts world-class workshops for the life sciences communities at their facility in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

VBI does more than just training; they have developed a unique, comprehensive and objective competency assessment program and related scoring system that is an adaptation of the validated system used in human medicine and surgery. In addition, VBI is the first educator for the biomedical community that successfully utilizes a validated human model for knowledge transfer: online surgical training followed by hands-on training. This method is further enhanced through the use of VBI’s objective, surgical competency assessment program. This comprehensive approach results in more competent surgeons, better surgical outcomes, improved animal welfare and better scientific data. VBI is revolutionizing the standards of surgical excellence by introducing and validating innovations such as rodent laparoscopy, colonoscopy and thorascopy. Team members of VBI are heavily published in a variety of subject matter, and most are veterinarians with post-doctoral degrees.  While raising the bar on continuing education standards, VBI also places heavy emphasis on the three R’s of reduction, replacement and refinement.