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Fields of Expertise

Fields of Expertise

Preclinical Research Services, part of Wake Forest Innovations, is a specialty preclinical CRO made up of leaders in preclinical therapeutic and surgical services, and includes Wake Forest’s Center for Comparative Medicine Research, an internationally recognized leader in the translation of basic to clinical science.

Committed to our partners’ short and long-term successes, our preclinical CRO’s state-of-the-art multi-technology research and laboratory facilities offer industry the opportunity to capitalize on advanced models developed by more than 100 researchers over 50 years.

In particular, scientists at our preclinical CRO have developed specialized expertise applying nonhuman primates to a wide range of advanced models. The many similarities between humans and nonhuman primates have made these models of choice for interventions focused on health indices including those relating to the skeletal, cardiovascular and metabolic systems, women’s health, stress and disease, diet and disease, and cognition and physical function as it pertains to aging.

Advanced Models Predict Human Response

Our preclinical models offer accelerated compound assessment and safety information predictive of human trials during efficacy examination. For example, in the area of women’s health, where the mechanisms behind the development of conditions such as heart disease and infertility are different than in men, we have developed surgical nonhuman primate models for atherosclerosis and cardiac studies, hormonal regulation of menstruation, comprehensive assessments of reproductive health, bone health during and after menopause, and anxiety and depression studies.

Areas of Expertise

As a specialty preclinical CRO, we focus on solving the most complex problems in multiple areas and fields including:

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