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Aging Research

Aging Research

Much of the effort in aging research is focused on the development of interventions that will allow individuals to preserve essential physical and cognitive abilities to as great a degree as possible as they age.

Specialists on the aging research team at Preclinical Research Services have considerable expertise in identifying healthy vs. unhealthy aging patterns and in evaluating interventions designed to preserve maximal physical and cognitive function in aging individuals.

Although our team uses rodents in many studies, we have developed particular expertise in the application of nonhuman primates to problems in aging. The many similarities between people and nonhuman primates in the patterns of aging across multiple body systems have made nonhuman primates the model of choice for interventions focused on cognition and physical function, as well as on health indices relating to the skeletal, cardiovascular and metabolic systems.

The aging research specialists of Preclinical Research Services offer nonhuman primate as well as rodent models for studying the multisystem effects of therapeutic interventions.

Aging Research Expertise

  • Imaging
  • Behavior
  • Cognition
  • Pathologic outcomes
  • Assessing age-related changes inflammation and immune competence
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