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Preclinical Models for Neurosurgery

Preclinical Models for Neurosurgery

Wake Forest’s neurosurgical scientists and surgeons offer preclinical expertise for neuroscience industries. Our specialties include medical device and therapeutic assessments, including duraplasty and drug efficacy. For example, we intimately understand the challenges of accessing and delivering drugs through the intrathecal space, the space that holds the cerebrospinal fluid and acts as a barrier between the blood and the brain. Our experience – including catheterization techniques – with this physiology optimizes our ability to test the efficacy of therapeutics.

We provide access to an extensive list of preclinical models for neurosurgery, including pigs, sheep, and nonhuman primates, opening up opportunities for studies based on size or anatomy compatible with humans. Our investigators are among the best in the world. Our strengths are adaptable to both the device and drug industries.

In addition to our preclinical services, we have direct access to the experts at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery. These groups, led by Alison Brashear, MD, and Charles Branch, Jr., MD, respectively, are experienced in taking on complex problems and challenging diseases, and work in a broad range of specialties, from ALS and stroke to neurogenetics and radiosurgery.

Selected Preclinical Models for Neurosurgery

  • Intrathecal dosing/catheterization
  • Stereotaxic procedures
  • Duraplasty procedures
  • Nerve anastomosis
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