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Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Women’s health is a growing concern as women are at a higher risk for a number of conditions, including breast cancer and depression. In addition, the mechanisms behind the development of conditions such as heart disease and infertility are different in women than in men.

We have a number of surgical nonhuman primate models that can assist you with your research in women’s health.

Nonhuman Primate Models for Women’s Health

  • Atherosclerosis and cardiac studies in aging and/or ovariectomized females
  • Studies of hormonal regulation of menstruation, serum levels of pituitary gonadotropins and comprehensive assessments of reproductive health (i.e., luteal function, hypothalamic and pituitary responses, ovulation etc.) before and after weight gain
  • Pre-clinical evaluation of pharmacologic agents to prevent bone loss and promote bone health following menopause
  • Anxiety and depression studies
  • Expertise in surgically creating platforms

We also can help you to develop other models of women’s health concerns.

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