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Heather DeLoid, DVM

Heather DeLoid, DVM

Heather DeLoid, DVM, specializes in preclinical surgical services for medical device and diagnostics companies. Her areas of expertise include medical device safety and efficacy, biocompatibility and veterinary clinical care. With a background in industry research, she consults with sponsors, writes protocols and performs innovative surgical procedures and imaging studies.


Heather DeLoid, DVM, preclinical surgeon

DeLoid completed her veterinary degree at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. She subsequently practiced as an associate veterinarian at a small animal hospital in Massachusetts. Prior to completing her veterinary degree, DeLoid worked in industry as a surgical research technician at a contract research organization and a biocompatibility specialist at a large medical device company.

DeLoid collaborates with sponsors to create and conduct protocols for preclinical research and medical device testing. She consults with sponsors, writes protocols and performs innovative surgical procedures and imaging studies. She also provides an objective evaluation of gathered data and manages animal care in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices.

At Preclinical Translational Services, DeLoid assesses the safety and effectiveness of innovative products and procedures, allowing her to pursue her passion for researching medical devices and materials that will someday impact a broad spectrum of people.

DeLoid sees great value in companies partnering with Preclinical Translational Services to conduct innovative preclinical testing. Industry is driven to perfect its products, a dedication DeLoid appreciates. When she collaborates with companies to develop devices and diagnostics, she works closely with them to create quality products that benefit patients.

Heather DeLoid is a surgical research veterinarian with experience in:

  • Preclinical surgical research
  • Translational studies
  • Medical devices
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Veterinary clinical care
  • Biocompatibility
  • Animal testing protocols