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Preclinical Therapeutic Areas

Preclinical Therapeutic Areas

The faculty at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center offer preclinical testing and development services to help accelerate your therapeutic, vaccine and medical device development programs.

Studies in a wide range of preclinical therapeutic areas can be supported by an extensive catalog of preclinical testing models, including a significant population of nonhuman primates located at our Clarkson Campus for large animals.

Take advantage of the extensive experience in multiple preclinical therapeutic areas of our internationally renowned scientists, clinicians, veterinarians and surgeons and the institutional know-how that arises from more than 50 years as a world leader in translational research.

Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease

At Wake Forest Baptist, a multidisciplinary group of clinical and scientific experts work together on the issues of aging, from hematology & oncology to orthopaedics, cardiology and cognition. Learn more.

Cancer Research

With over 120 dedicated clinicians and scientific experts, we offer the most advanced cancer research and drug development services available to industry partners. Learn more.

Cardiovascular Disease

Faculty at Wake Forest Baptist have pioneered the development and application of numerous preclinical models, especially nonhuman primates and transgenic mice, to the investigation of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. Learn more.

Diabetes, Obesity & Related Metabolic Disorders

We have more than two decades of experience in the development and application of preclinical Type 2 diabetes models and in the evaluation of therapeutic interventions, including those involving diet and exercise. Learn more.


Our faculty are world leaders in translational research in alcohol and drug abuse, pain, cognition, gene-diet interactions and nutrition science, inflammation and cellular protection and aging. Learn more.


Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center researchers and clinicians provide high-caliber expertise in the assessment of orthopaedic medical devices and surgical procedures. Learn more.

Regenerative Medicine

More than 350 personnel collaborate at Wake Forest Baptist to engineer replacement tissues and organs and healing cell therapies for more than 30 different areas of the body. Learn more.

Vaccine Development

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is home to extensive resources and capabilities for in-depth preclinical investigations of vaccines in development. Learn more.