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Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease

Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease

Our Preclinical Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Expertise

  • Multiple nonhuman primate and rodent models, including models of aging physiology, Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases of age
  • Cohorts of familial cognitive models
  • Platforms for testing multi-system effects of novel therapeutic agents
  • State-of-the-art imaging modalities, including MRI, CT, DXA and PET
  • Cutting-edge laboratory facilities and capabilities

Cross section of femur midshaft from skeletally mature female cynomolgus monkey

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is a world leader in cutting-edge research in Aging & Alzheimer’s disease and in the clinical care of older adults in order to help people live longer, healthier and more independent lives.

At Wake Forest Baptist, a multidisciplinary group of clinical and scientific experts work together on the issues of aging, from hematology & oncology to orthopaedics, cardiology and cognition. This clear focus powers an impressive engine of innovation that drives research and clinical efforts and capabilities that are recognized internationally for their impact on patient care.

The scientists, veterinarians, clinicians and surgeons who conduct research as part of our multidisciplinary J. Paul Sticht Center on Aging provide industry partners with extensive expertise in understanding the causes of aging-related health conditions and the assessment of therapeutic and medical interventions in aging populations. We offer access to state-of-the-art resources and facilities, including a 200-acre nonhuman primate center with elderly nonhuman primate populations, and leading-edge CT, MRI, PET, MEG and other imaging technologies.

For over 50 years, researchers at Wake Forest Baptist have developed deep experience in the critical assessment of novel therapeutic candidates in animal models. Our researchers use the state-of-the-art facilities and capabilities of Wake Forest Baptist to manage top-tier preclinical studies for industry sponsors.

Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Faculty Experts

Aging research at Wake Forest Baptist is multidisciplinary and well supported, including more than 70 federally-funded investigator initiated grants and nine research training awards. These programs bring together the talents of almost 90 faculty members from over 20 departments, institutes and centers.

Wake Forest Baptist’s expert investigators who conduct research in Aging & Alzheimer’s disease include:

Laura Baker, PhD, has received national acclaim for her research on aerobic exercise and hormone supplementation as treatments for the memory decline associated with preclinical and early stage Alzheimer’s disease.

Suzanne Craft, PhD, researches the role of neuroendocrine abnormalities in the development and expression of Alzheimer’s disease and investigates the use of intranasal insulin in individuals with mild cognitive impairment or mild Alzheimer’s dementia.

Stephen Kritchevsky, PhD, directs the Paul Sticht Center on Aging and leads observational studies and clinical trials on the functional health of older adults, specializing in nutrition and chronic disease.

Jeff Williamson, MD, works as a principal investigator on clinical trials such as SPRINT and ACCORD-MIND and leads the Clinical Research Core of the Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center, where he focuses on developing clinical trial research methods in older populations.

Explore Industry Research Collaboration at Wake Forest

We offer customized research teams of renowned scientists, veterinarians and clinicians, experienced technicians and an industry-supportive alliance management team.

Our Preclinical Translational Services surgical group provides high-caliber investigative surgical services, with specialized experience in large animal models such as pigs, sheep and nonhuman primates.

We house multiple animal models, including nonhuman primates used for aging studies, at our Clarkson Campus.

We have the institutional expertise and resources to design and manage custom cohorts of animals for our preclinical research studies.

Industry-sponsored and contract preclinical research studies conducted here utilize the latest in basic and imaging technologies available at Wake Forest Baptist’s core labs and preclinical imaging facilities.