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Vaccine Development

Vaccine Development

Animal Models Available for Testing Vaccines

  • Neonatal and adult nonhuman primate models
  • Specific pathogen free (SPF) cynomolgus macaques (Macaca fascicularis)
  • Pedigreed and genomically sequenced African green monkeys (vervet monkeys, Chlorocebus sabeus aethiops)
  • Rodent models
  • Ferret models

Get access to Wake Forest Baptist’s neonatal and adult nonhuman primate models

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is home to extensive resources and capabilities for in-depth preclinical investigations of vaccines in development. Our Microbiology & Immunology department comprises multiple faculty experts in vaccine development and testing. Our Comparative Medicine section offers access to world-class translational services and nonhuman primate models.

Our unique nonhuman primate populations and expertise enable us to offer ready access to several species of well-characterized nonhuman primates, thereby providing an efficient, fast-track approach to vaccine innovation and development. Our nursery for neonatal nonhuman primates and related capabilities give us the unique ability to assess vaccines in infant translational models.

Vaccine Research Faculty Experts

Martha Alexander-Miller, PhD: An expert in immunity, Alexander-Miller is developing an influenza vaccine designed for infants younger than six months. For this research, her team established a preclinical neonatal nursery, possibly the only one in the world dedicated to translational sciences. Alexander-Miller seeks industry partners for both her discoveries and for research utilizing the capabilities of the preclinical neonatal nursery.

Karen Haas, PhD: Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Immunology with research interests in vaccines, immunology, hormones/cytokines/signaling and atherosclerosis

Rajendar Deora, PhD: Associate Professor of Microbiology & Immunology with research interests in vaccines; genomics and proteomics; immunology; infectious disease; and molecular biology

Purnima Dubey, PhD: Associate Professor of Pathology with research interests in cancer; immunology; vaccines; and infectious disease

David Ornelles, PhD: Associate Professor of Microbiology & Immunology with research interests in cancer; cell growth; infectious disease; vaccines; molecular biology; and growth and development

Explore Industry Research Collaboration at Wake Forest

We offer customized research teams of renowned scientists, veterinarians and clinicians, experienced technicians and an industry-supportive alliance management team.

Our Preclinical Translational Services surgical group provides high-caliber investigative surgical services, with specialized experience in large animal models such as pigs, sheep or nonhuman primates.

We house multiple animal models, including nonhuman primates, at our Clarkson Campus.

We have the institutional expertise and resources to design and manage custom cohorts of animal models for our preclinical research studies.

Industry-sponsored and contract preclinical research studies conducted here utilize the latest in basic science and imaging technologies available at Wake Forest Baptist’s core labs and preclinical imaging facilities.