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Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities

Preclinical Research Services is home to a number of the world’s leading scientists and research experts who have mastered a wide range of capabilities and cutting-edge technologies. With more than 50 years of preclinical development experience, we know how to deliver cost-effective, precise and accurate results on time.

Our scientists and researchers have broad preclinical development experience with all imaging modalities commonly used in rodent, porcine nonhuman primate and other models, and have optimized additional modalities for CNS and cardiovascular endpoints, especially in nonhuman primates.

We provide study sponsors with a clear path to evaluate, refine and gain regulatory approval of their new medical device technologies while offering extensive and essential testing services to ensure the efficacy and safety of the medical devices used in our research studies.

Preclinical Research Services is fully equipped with a variety of metabolic preclinical platforms and services to assist you in developing metabolic preclinical models and novel therapies for diabetes, insulin resistance, disorders of lipoprotein metabolism, and many other conditions.

Fully AAALAS accredited and in compliance with USDA requirements, we provide accurate adherence to study protocols and SOPs and exercise frequent and ongoing communication between scientific and technical support staff and study directors. In addition, we have a state-of-the-art large-animal surgical facility that exceeds federal Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) regulations for nonclinical animal studies.

Preclinical Development to Commercialization

Committed to our partner’s short- and long-term success, Preclinical Research Services offers everything you need – imaging equipment to test medical devices, education and training for everyone on your team, adherence to top quality control and regulatory compliance measures, and highly qualified preclinical medical device and therapeutic testing experts to accelerate bringing a safe and effective product to market.

Preclinical Capabilities

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