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Medical Device Efficacy and Safety

Medical Device Efficacy and Safety

Expertise in Medical Device Efficacy and Safety from Concept to Preclinical Testing

From concept to preclinical testing, Wake Forest Innovations Preclinical Research Services is dedicated to providing study sponsors a clear path to evaluate, refine and gain regulatory approval of their new medical device technologies through medical device efficacy and safety testing. The efficacy and safety of a medical device is crucial to developing an effective and sustainable product, while thorough medical device testing at the preclinical level can ensure that a product, and the company behind it, is built for success.

With more than 50 years of experience in preclinical study design and development, Preclinical Research Services knows the importance of medical device efficacy and safety. As a specialty preclinical CRO, we offer a wide range of capabilities to help you deliver results on time, with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness, precision and accuracy.

Medical Device Testing Services

Preclinical Research Services offers a wide range of testing services to ensure both Medical Device Efficacy and Medical Device Safety of those devices being used in research studies. These services include:

  • Medical Device Testing Services
  • Prototype evaluation
  • Multi-species in vivo testing
  • Novel preclinical model development
  • Complex surgical procedures
  • Protocol development and regulatory support
  • Voice of the customer evaluation
  • Wide range of imaging, surgery and specialized equipment
  • Physician training
  • Sales force education
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